Our expertise in this sector stems from hands-on work experience in human services and nearly 20 years of providing Executive recruitment services to organisations and sectors including health and human services, peak bodies, environment and climate change, international aid and development, faith-based organisations, membership bodies and professional associations. 

We have a genuine values-alignment to the not-for-profit sector and that’s why we support organisations to make a meaningful impact. With shrinking budgets and higher demand for their services, not-for-profit organisations are expected to do more with less. They need sophisticated skills, passionate leaders aligned to the mission and a commercial approach to financial sustainability.

Our experience in this sector is second to none, whether it be Board Directors, C-Level leaders or difficult to fill delivery roles. The competition for talent in this sector sometimes makes it difficult for organisations to attract the leaders they need. At Searchlight Group we help organisations put together a compelling value proposition and then tap into our deep and longstanding relationships to identify and attract outstanding leaders into the process, all the while acting as an ‘ambassador’ for your organisation.